We have the LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT BEAT with host DJ Irvin Cee here on WERB 107.5. If you like house, deep house, techno, and dance music… this is the show for you.




SUNDAY 2:00 A.M.

An Interview in SpreadMix TV


I’m Irvin Cee and I’m mainly a DJ but I also like all technical stuff like P.A. and Lighting

I used to be a vinyl dj when I was young but when I re-started with DJ’ing, like 8 years ago, it’s was because of all this new technology that we got with digital systems. So I like to call me a digital dj in these days. I love music and follow my heart and soul when buying and playing tracks. Although I’m a very technical guy, I avoid to let technicalities getting in the way of the music and my performance.

I have my own hosted radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat” running for many years now. So When I record the beatmix of the show I sometimes stream it live on LZTN.TO or when I’m just recording a mixtape. Besides that I often run all my recordings and shows (both hosted and non-hosted version) 24×7 on LZTN.TO. I have my own hosted radio show “Looking for the Perfect Beat”. Don’t waste time with “in the middle” persons, they screw you over for their own interest, find the decision maker!

Technicalities: Do not let technical things dominate the way you dj. It’s all about the music. Pick your music with your ears not by name or top, don’t waste 2 years learning how to beatmatch it’s a technical necessity and has no musical advantage over autosync. Spend more time in picking the right music and know how to build an atmosphere. Use fx while mixing but don’t use always the same fx. Don’t use Pioneer fx, you gonna sound the same as those 999 other dj’s, be unique.

Marketing: You really need to be proud of what you do. So tag everything with your name and give your work a name. If I see you naming you mixtape “summer mixtape” or no dj name in the artist tag, I will come and kick your nuts. SPREAD YOUR NAME!!! Don’t spend too much time on social media, the return is too small, but you gotta do it;

Respect: Stand out and be a professional. Be on time, say hello, be correct, don’t sabotage other acts even when they sabotaged you. Do not speak badly about others even when they do about you. Lift yourself above that shit. Those who make the decisions will appreciate your professionalism and you will be known as a professional deliverer that has no childish issue with others.

Booth & Gear: Make sure the booth and gear is respected and leave it in a better state than you found it.

“Looking for the Perfect Beat” is the same name as my radio show back in the eighties.

Just like in those days, the show is “Dance” music only. A variety of the best and newest Deep House, House, Tech House and Techno and Hard Techno is beat-mixed and afterwards narrated by myself in English during the whole hour. The show is intended as a warm-up to get you in the mood for clubbing. I also video record the show (non hosted version), you can find those on my Youtube channel.

I don’t produce, I suck at starting something from scratch, but I’m very handy with Ableton Live and one of these days J I’m going to start with remixing tracks, cause I like to believe I’m better at enhancing a track than creating a track.

Network: Go out in many venues and connect with those in charge. You won’t do that anymore when you have kids and are somewhat older. You gotta do it while you’re young.

Alcohol and Chemicals: Don’t use them while dj’ing. It’s like driving a car, everyone thinks he’s a F1 pilot when driving intoxicated but in reality you drive like a 90 year old granny.

Music: Please don’t play boring music that requires the use of chemicals. Try to master several styles of music… you will be less boring…