Simon Harding

Simon spent the best part of 15 years working in local commercial radio across the Midlands in the UK.

Since leaving full-time radio he spent a good deal of time exploring other pursuits, including starting his own business, before eventually coming full circle to find himself working as a freelance voice-over artist and radio presenter.

The Eurovision Show is a labour of love – and a way to combine his passion for radio with his guilty pleasure of Eurovision!

When not involved in either, he enjoys all things techy, science-fiction film & TV, and is a keen dog lover.


The Eurovision Show is a weekly radio program, designed to celebrate the music of Eurovision past and present.

Not just annual winners and some of the more famous entries you might be familiar with, but other lesser-known songs from throughout Eurovisions six-decade history are played. There’s also the latest news each week from the Song Contest World, plus brand new music from past Eurovision artists – some of whom drop in for a chat from time to time! 

The Eurovision Show is the brainchild of experienced radio presenter & long-time dedicated Eurovision follower Simon Harding. It is a program designed both to sate the appetite of existing fans and to entice a new generation of interest.

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